Protein Sample Preparation

Reliable, efficient and easy sample preparation is a crucial step for achieving optimal and reproducible results in proteomics.

SERVA BluePrep Major Serum Protein Removal Kit, based on an innovative technology, provides a fast and simple procedure for the effective depletion of albumin, alpha-antitrypsin, transferrin and haptoglobulin from serum and plasma samples.

Remove excess detergents and concentrate your protein in only 10 minutes with the Proteus Detergent Anion Exchange Mini Spin Column Kit.

Residual endotoxin contamination in advanced biotherapy products is an expensive and often difficult contaminant to control. Next generation Proteus NoEndo™-Kits combine the quality separation you expect from gravity flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns.

Ultrafiltration is a fast and simple method for simultaneous concentration of proteins and removal of low molecular weight substances. The unique design of the Proteus X-Spinner Ultrafiltration Concentrators allows not only the efficient purification of membrane proteins, but prevents as well the clogging of the membrane by viscous solutions.

CentriPure and Gelfitration Columns allow rapid and efficient desalting, buffer exchange and removal of small molecular impurities, such as salts, ammonia, dyes, biotin, haptens etc. from antibodies, enzymes and other proteins.
Affinity chromatography is a technique that separates tagged proteins and other biomolecules using biological interactions. This technique is widely used to obtain high purity yield accompanied by good resolution and selectivity.

Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) is based on the interaction between certain superficial protein residues (histidines, cysteines and to a lesser extent tryptophans) with transition metal cations, forming chelated complexes.
SERVA offers IMAC agarose resins for working in different conditions (native and denaturing), different densities of groups (high and low activated beads), cations (Ni2+, Co2+, Zn2+ & Cu2+) and formats (bulk resins, pre-packed columns).

The innovative Ni-IMAC Mini Kits combine the quality separation you expect from gravity flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns. For FPLC applications Super Ni-NTA and Co-NTA Agarose Resins are ideal.

Fusion proteins expressed from pGEX vectors contain a Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) moiety and can therefore be purified to near homogeneity by affinity chromatography of glutathione as a substrate to inactivate toxic small molecules via formation of mercapturic acid.
SERVA’s Glutathione Agarose Resin allows a rapid, mild and highly selective purification of GST fusion proteins in a one step procedure. For FPLC applications Glutathion Superflow is ideal.

Antibody purification is a very important step in obtaining new therapeutic agents. Affinity Chromatography is a very important technique in the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies based on the affinity and specificity of Protein A and Protein G for the Fc region of IgG from a variety of species. Protein A and Protein G Resins are very good tools for the separation of subclasses of IgG from different samples (ascites fluids, cell culture supernatant & serum), differing in their ability to bind antibodies of different species and subclasses
The innovative Proteus Protein A and Protein G Mini Kits combine the quality separation you expect from gravity flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns. For FPLC applications Recombinant Protein A and Protein G Sepharose Resins are ideal.

Streptavidin is a tetrameric protein containing four biotin-binding sites. Recombinant streptavidin is covalently coupled to a highly crosslinked fine beaded agarose for purification of biotinylated biomolecules like proteins, lectins, antibodies, nucleic acids, receptors and ligands. Due to a superior coupling technology, SERVA Streptavidin Agarose provides one of the highest binding capacities available with lower non-specific binding and less leaching.

Whenever viscosity caused by nucleic acids is a problem, Cyanase Nuclease™ (cat. no. 18542) is ideal for sample preparation in electrophoresis or chromatography and for purification of proteins and other biologicals. For high salt samples we offer the unique nuclease Salt Active Nuclease (cat. no. 18541).

In addition, SERVA offers a wide range of detergents for solubilization of membrane proteins and protease and phosphatase inhibitors for sample protection during purification, and high quality, application proved reagents for protein isolation, purification and concentration.

  • SERVA BluePrep Major Serum Protein Removal Kit
  • Kits for removal or detergents and endotoxins
  • Ultrafiltration concentrators
  • IMAC and Glutathione Agarose Resins
  • Protein A and Protein G Agarose Resins
  • Streptavidin Agarose Resins
  • CentriPure and CentriSpin Gelfiltration Columns
  • Enzymes and Inhibitors
  • Detergents
  • Reagents


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In summary here is a short description of products made available for the research community in 2018:
• Protein extraction kits for rapid isolation of membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins from mammalian tissues and cells
• Cell-based assays for apoptosis and cell profliferation/viability like XTT or Sulforhodamine B
• Enzymes like recombinant PNGase F or Lysyl Endopeptidase • Ultrapure reagents for UHPLC-MS analysis like acetonitrile and water
• Biochemicals for nucleic acid purification like recombinant Proteinase K or BlueZol for RNA isolation
• Electrophoresis gel and blot documentation: SERVA Musketeer is an all-in-one solution for UV/VIS, fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications

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  • • Molecular Weight Standards
  • • SDS PAGE for Western Blotting
  • • Transfer Membranes and Buffers
  • • Blocking Reagents
  • • Detection Systems
  • • Instruments for Western Blotting
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