Protein Sample Preparation

Protein Extraction

Efficient lysis of cells and tissues is a crucial step for the successful isolation and purification of specific proteins.

One of the most efficient buffers for the lysis of mammalian cells is RIPA buffer. Save time and labor by using SERVA's ready-to-use RIPA Buffer for extraction of cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear proteins, suitable for many applications like Western Blotting, protein purification and protein assays.

For determination of protein activity, gel shift assays and other functional assays it is necessary to preserve the native structure of the proteins. SERVA's Mammalian Protein Extraction Kits provide a fast and easy method for the isolation of native total protein or native cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear protein fractions from cells or tissues. The lysis buffers allow for mild but efficient lysis with high protein yield.

As a complement SERVA offers:

  • Application optimized protease and phosphatase inhibitor mixes for isolation of intact proteins

  • A broad range of detergents for solubilization of membrane proteins

  • Application proofed reagents for preparation of lysis buffers according to your needs

  • Enzymes like lysozyme for lysis of bacteria

Protein Purification

For many downstream applications it is necessary to remove contaminations like nucleic acids, salts, detergents etc., to exchange buffer or concentrate the sample after protein isolation.

SERVA has a solution for every task:

  • Salt Active Nuclease - the only nuclease active in high salt buffers enabeling as well the digestion of protein-bound DNA

  • Proteus X-Spinner Ultrafiltration Concentrators - One-step concentration and separation from low molecular weight substances, unique design allows as well efficient purification of membrane proteins

    • Proteus Detergent Anion Exchange Mini Spin Column Kit - remove excess detergents and concentrate your protein in only 10 minutes

  • Proteus NoEndo™ Kits - for endotoxin decontamination of biotherapy products

    Recombinant proteins, labelled proteins or antibodies are easily purified by affinitity chromatography with high purity and yield.

    SERVA's standard and Superflow agarose resins in various formats (loose, pre-packed columns, kits) and magnetic agarose beads enable protein purification from lab to process scale.

    I. His-Tag purification by Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC)

  • SERVA IMAC Agarose Resins (Ni-NTA/Ni-Extrachel/Ni-, Co-IDA) - for low pressure gravity chromatography in batch or column format

    • Super Ni-, Co-NTA Agarose Resins - for high pressure column chromatography in FPLC, as well in process scale

    • Ni-NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads - for fast screening in small volumes, automation compatible

    • Ni-IMAC Mini Kits - fast and simple spin column chromatography for high throughput

    II. GST-Tag purification

    • Glutathione Agarose Resin - rapid, highly selective one-step purification in batch or column format

    III. Antibody purification

    • Recombinant Protein A and Protein G Sepharose Resins - for high pressure column chromatography in FPLC, as well in process scale

    • Proteus Protein A and Protein G Mini Kits - fast and simple spin column cromatography for high throughput

    IV. Purification of biotinylated biomolecules

    • SERVA Streptavidin Agarose - highly selective one-step purification because of high binding capacity and lower non-specific binding

    Of course, you will as well find on our web site all necessary reagents for the preparation of binding and elution buffers, like e.g. imidazole, solvents for precipitation steps or other required chemicals in the section reagents.

    Protein Quantification

    • Bradford Reagent, BCA Protein Assay and Lowry Kit - ready-to-use, sensitive colorimetric protein determination kits

      • SERVA Purple Protein Quantification Assay - Fluorescence assay for very high sensitivity and accurate quantification of hydrophobic, glyco-, phosphoproteins and peptides

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    New protein standards, e.g. SERVA Triple Color Protein Standard I    and the SERVA Fluo-610 Protein Standard I, pre-stained for direct fluorescence detection
    BlueVertical™ PRiME™ blot module and gel casting stand for SERVA's BV-104   electrophoresis  tank
    he albumin portfolio has been expanded with the "Albumin bovine Fraction V, protease- free, low IgG"
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