Proteomic Forum Potsdam, April 2 - 5, 2017


Visit the SERVA stand at the Proteomic Forum to have a glance at the HPE™ BlueHorizon™ and the
pre-cast horizontal gels for 2D electrophoresis, SDS PAGE, isoelectic focusing etc. HPE™ BlueHorizon™ - More than a replacement for the GE MultiPhor™ II.

Take also advantage of the special Trypsin offer: Trypsin MS Approved (3 for 2).

SERVA Trypsin MS Approved is extremely stable and achieves over 80 % sequence coverage. Each batch is tested in mass spectrometric experiments. The lyophilized enzyme is delivered in 100 μg or, if desired, in sizes up to 1 mg.
Please contact us for free samples and further details!

Attend the SERVA Lunch Workshop on Wednesday, April 5th (12:45 - 13:45).
The speakers on interesting proteomic topics are Prof. Dr. Katrin Marcus (Bochum),
Prof. Dr. Dörte Becher (Greifswald), and Dr. Olaf Kniemeyer (Jena).
The event will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Kai Stühler and Günter Theßeling.


Product of the Month March:

BlueBlock PF

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SERVA BlueNews 6/2016

New Application Note:
ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation

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February - March 2017

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  • Antibiotics
  • Buffers and Buffer Solutions
  • Detergents
  • Staining Reagents
  • Western Blotting

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Product of the Month March:

BlueBlock PF

Protein-free Blocking Reagent for Western Blots

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The SERVA Catalog 2017/18:


• Biochemicals A-Z

• Sample Preparation

• Electrophoresis

• Laboratory Equipmeng

• Collagenase & Neutral Protease

• Life Sciences

• Enzymology

• Microscopy

• Ion Exchange Media

• Pharmacopoeia

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SERVA BlueNews 6/2016

Please find the latest information
on new products and services here:

• 1D SDS TA Gels
• EPO Doping Analytics
• DNADecon
• New Tools in Dialysis
• Product of the Month
• Western Blot Workflow
• Sample Preparation by Protein Ark
• LED Gel Scanner BIO-1000F
• Collagenase AF GMP Grade
• Top Ten YouTube Videos

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New Application Note:
ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation

ImmunoPrecipitation (IP) is widely used as a method to selectively isolate protein complexes from primary tissues. However, due to lack of specificity and selectivity of most antibodies and unspecific binding of the carrier beads, the method can produce false positives. The ICPL approach, employing stable isotope labelling and mass spectrometry, can discriminate true positive from false positive IP complexes.

SERVA ICPL™ Quadruplex Plus Kit 39233
Application Note: ICPL-IP
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