GEL-FIX/NetFix Gel Support

GEL-FIX™ products are sturdy supports for gels to be incorporated during casting. GEL FIX™ is made from polyester film. Both surfaces of the film are chemically activated providing covalent binding to the gel layer. The gel will adhere to the GEL-FIX™ film not only during electrophoresis but in all subsequent staining and fixing procedures. Thus, it supports the gel layer maintaining exact shape and size (no shrinking, no swelling, no tearing). For documentation, the film-bound gel can be air-dried just as easy at room temperature to result in a transparent film, ideally suited to store the original gel in the laboratory notebook or to acquire it for electronic date processing. GEL-FIX™ for Covers is used to protect the surface of a cast gel from drying out but prevents the gel from adhesion.

  • GEL-FIX™ can be cut into every desired size
  • GEL-FIX™ is stable to temperatures up to 110 °C
  • GEL-FIX™ shelf life time is 24 months if stored dry/dark
  • GEL-FIX™ is transparent to UV light above 310 nm
  • Customized formats are available upon request 

    GEL-FIX™ for PAG: For casting of polyacrylamide gels - 0,18 mm polyester film, activated on both sides to bind polyacrylamide gels (for polymer concentration of at least 10 % or higher)
    GEL-FIX™ for Agarose: For casting of agarose gels - 0.18 mm polyester film, activated on both sides to bind agarose gel layers covalently 

  • GEL-FIX™ for Covers: For covering gel surfaces - 0.075 mm polyester film, non-binding, suitable for polyacrylamide and agarose gels

    NetFix™ is an inert, reinforcing fabric which serves as an ideal support for gel layers. If the agarose or poly- acrylamide gel is subject to blotting after electrophoresis we recommend NetFix™ for Agarose resp. NetFix™ for PAG. The polyester fabric is activated to bind agarose resp. polyacrylamide. If a thin gel is to be removed after electrophoresis and transferred onto the membrane for blotting transfer it can easily get damaged (torn) because it is so thin. Usage of activated GEL-FIX™, however, to support the gel layer is an obstacle to blotting transfer because it must be removed physically before blotting. Here, NetFix™ is the ideal choice. The net is incorporated into the matrix during the casting process but will not interfere with electrophoresis or blotting. NetFix™ allows convenient, safe handling as the gel is reinforced with the NetFix™ layer.  The gel will stay in shape while moving it. The Polyester Sheet, untreated, is used as backing to support horizontal gels prepared with NetFix™.

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