Gradient Makers

Hoefer Small volume SG series Gradient Makers are ideal for generating gradients of polyacrylamide, sucrose and cesium chloride. Choose from
15, 30, 50 or 100 ml sizes.

  • Milled of heavy acrylic plastic with high-quality, leak-free Teflon valves
  • Flat base provides stability atop magnetic stirrers, comes with a support rod for attaching to a ring stand
  • Takes Luer or 4 mm ID tubing, with included adaptors, can also take
    2 mm ID or 22-gauge tubing
  • SG 100 is ideal for the Hoefer Mighty Small II Gel Casters SE 275
    (for 4 gels) or SE 215 (for 10 gels)

    The 500 ml SG 500 Gradient Maker is made from cylindrical acrylic
    chambers joined and mounted on a flat acrylic base.

  • A simple push-pull valve opens and closes the passage between the reservoir and mixing chambers
  • Suitable for forming polyacrylamide gradients or buffer gradients used with medium to small chromatography columns
  • Ideal for use with the SE 615 Multiple Gel Caster

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