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Isogen Life Science B.V.

ProXima - The high-performance imaging platform for biosciences
In the fast-moving world of proteomics and genomics, there is a growing need for a higher level of sophisticating in imaging systems. To meet this growing demand, Isogen Life Science (The Netherlands) developed the ProXima imaging platform. ProXima combines innovative technology with high performance and ease of use. By incorporating the latest electronics with patented optics, ProXima meets the requirements of your most demanding applications, even those which normally require the use of expensive laser-scanning imaging systems
Isogen developed the fastest, most straightforward and felxible imaging platform in its price range. ProXima is a range of fully-upgradeable imaging systems, designed to provide you with the optimal solutions as your research needs develop and change.

  • Unique, patented, image-positioning tool allows fast and easy gel handling and alignment, just place your sample anywhere on the transilluminator and close the compartment cover
  • Slant-correction ensures optimal sample orientation for 'straight' visualization
  • True multi-fluorophore capabilities - ideally suited for genomics and proteomics applications
  • Small footprint saves precious bench space - ergonomic design for easy sample loading
  • Large imaging area (210 x 260 mm) for full flexibility
  • Hardware and software binning for increased sensitivity
  • Optimal resolution and broad dynamic range mega-picel CCD cameras with 10-bit and 16-bit A/D converter in cooled and un-cooled version for high resolution, low-noise images
  • The ProXima imaging system product line from Isogen Life Science B. V. is distributed by SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH in Germany and Austria. For comprehensive information please go to

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    New Application Note:
    ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation


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    The SERVA Catalog 2014/15
    is online!

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    New Application Note:
    ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation

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    ImmunoPrecipitation (IP) is widely used as a method to selectively isolate protein complexes from primary tissues. However, due to lack of specificity and selectivity of most antibodies and unspecific binding of the carrier beads, the method can produce false positives. The ICPL approach, employing stable isotope labelling and mass spectrometry, can discriminate true positive from false positive IP complexes.

    SERVA ICPL™ Quadruplex Plus Kit 39233
    Application Note: ICPL-IP

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