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SERVA BlueThermo H/HC


The instruments deliver highest temperature accuracy due to a 10-point-calibration (+/- 0.1°C), fastest temperature control and even temperature distribution. The stable construction as well as the latest technology guarantees reliability.
The smart touch control panel for different operation modes is perfectly adapted to laboratory setups. Use up to 9 programs with 30 program steps in total. Adjustable functions are timer, interval shaking, short mix and shaking frequencies. Surfaces of housing and touch panel are easy to clean.

Units will be delivered without thermoblock. Blocks have to be ordered separately.
More than 30 exchangeable blocks are available. Please inquire for a 2-block thermoshaker or a suitable block for your application.

  • Stable metal housing for high reliability
  • Precise temperature control by 10-point-calibration (+/- 0.1 °C) with large temperature range
  • 9 programs
  • Flexible with over 30 exchangeable blocks
  • Unique touch control panel
  • Large temperature range
  • Smart design - made in Germany
SERVA BlueThermo H
SERVA BlueThermo HC

SERVA BlueCell Aspiration System


The SERVA BlueCell aspiration system is a cell culture aspiration device with autoclavable 4 l bottle. The housing is made of easy-care, wear-resistant and specially hard anodized aluminium with a powerful integrated membrane vacuum pump, vacuum controller and mounted safety bottle holder as a compact and space saving unit.
The membrane vacuum pump is noise reduced and perfectly adapted to cell culture lab requirements. It is integrated in the housing and gently aspirates 25 l liquid per minute. By default, a pasteur pipette can be slipped on, but a variety of suction adaptors can be ordered. The fast-lock clutches, integrated to the 4 l polypropylene bottle, ensures an easy removal for cleaning. The safety filter prevents leaking of liquids.

The SERVA BlueCell Vario acts as multi-user system and is extendable by connecting more bottles, handles or complete collection units. The maximum per single pump is
4 bottles with single handle or 2 bottles with double handles. Additionally for SERVA BlueCell Vario, suction start / stop is regulated by turning the swivel of the handle. By turning the swivel, the suction rate is continuously adjustable. If the system is closed, the pump shuts down at reaching the max. vacuum. If the vacuum is reduced during the aspiration, the pump turns on to reach the max. vacuum again.

  • Stable aluminium housing
  • Integrated, noise-reduced vacuum pump
  • Quickly aspiration of liquids
  • Autoclavable 4 l bottle with fast-lock clutches and integrated safety filters Includes handle for flow control

Additional features for SERVA BlueCell Vario:

  • Multi-user system
  • Handle-regulated automatic start / stop function
SERVA BlueCell Vario

SERVA BlueCell Basic Aspiration System


The unit is ready to use immediately. The small and low-noise membrane vacuum pump aspirates 8 l liquid per minute.
A handle with flow control (cat. no. BC-HFC) can be attached and connected with different suction system devices.
The fast-lock clutches, integrated to the 4 l polypropylene bottle, ensures an easy removal for cleaning. The safety filter prevents leaking of liquids.

  • Basic aspiration system
  • External, noise-reduced vacuum pump
  • Quick aspiration of liquids
  • Autoclavable 4 l bottle with fast-lock clutches
  • Integrated safety filters
  • Handle for flow control can be attached
SERVA BlueCell Basic
Handle with Flow Control

SERVA BlueSpin

Benchtop Microcentrifuges


BlueSpin Mini Microcentrifuge
The BlueSpin Mini is a benchtop microcentrifuge for all kinds of sample preparations and molecular biology experiments such as cell-down, phenol extraction, simple spin-down, etc. The BlueSpin Mini is a compact and quiet instrument. The centrifuge is operated easily and the digital LED displays time and speed. The BlueSpin Mini speed can be adjusted up to 13,500 rpm. The unit has a small footprint and a secure stand.

BlueSpin Cryo Microcentrifuge
The BlueSpin Cryo is a refrigerated compact benchtop microcentrifuge for all kinds of molecular biology experiments such as ethanol precipitation, phenol extraction, nucleic acid preparation, cell-down and spin-down of other temperature sensitive reaction mixtures. The BlueSpin Cryo is a compact and quiet instrument. The centrifuge is operated easily and the digital LED displays time, speed and temperature. The temperature can be set from -20 °C to +40 °C.

TN BlueSpin
SERVA BlueSpin Microcentrifuges

Cyanase™ Nuclease:
Your alternative for Benzonase®

For fast and efficient removal of nucleic acid contamination during protein purification

Cyanase comparison hi res 1_2klein.jpg

Cyanase™ Nuclease
Cyanase is a cloned highly active non-Serratia based non-specific endonuclease that degrades single and double stranded DNA and RNA in as little as 1 minute.
• Fastest Nuclease on the market
• Broad pH range
• Active in higher salt concentrations (up to 100 mM NaCl)
• Unaffected by lysozyme, detergents or urea, DTT
• Easily inactivated and removed
• Unsurpassed stability, can be stored up to 1 year at room temperature

Cyanase™ Inactivation Resin
Highly specific Cyanase inhibitor protein coupled to Sepharose Fast Flow resin creating a novel method for inactivating and removing the Cyanase enzyme.
No more worries about downstream contamination with nucleases or difficult removal processes which may compromise product integrity.
• Removal of Cyanase Nuclease simple and easy in as little as 20 min
• No optimization needed
• Active over a wide range of conditions
• No interactions with other proteins or targets
• Extremely tight interaction between Cyanase and resin

Benzonase = trademark of Merck KGaA, Cyanase = trademark of RiboSolutions, Inc.

18542 Cyanase™ Nuclease
18543 Cyanase™ Inactivation Resin

Salt Active Nuclease

The only endonuclease with an optimum activity in 0.5 M NaCl and significant activity at low temperatures


Salt Active Nuclease is a highly active non-specific endonuclease from a marine bacterium that cleaves both DNA and RNA.
• Works well in traditional protein buffer systems
• Optimum activity at high salt concentration
(0.5 M NaCl) – no other nuclease works at this salt concentration
• Active at low temperatures (20 % at 6 ºC)
• Broad pH range
• Temperature stable
• Inactivated by EDTA

18541 Salt Active Nuclease

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New Application Note:
ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation


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New Application Note:
ICPL™ - Coupled Immunoprecipitation

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ImmunoPrecipitation (IP) is widely used as a method to selectively isolate protein complexes from primary tissues. However, due to lack of specificity and selectivity of most antibodies and unspecific binding of the carrier beads, the method can produce false positives. The ICPL approach, employing stable isotope labelling and mass spectrometry, can discriminate true positive from false positive IP complexes.

SERVA ICPL™ Quadruplex Plus Kit 39233
Application Note: ICPL-IP

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