Albumin Bovine Fraction Vreceptor grade, lyophil.

Mr ca. 67 000CAS [9048-46-8]

Produced by a proprietary heat-shock fractionation with additional solvent treatment. Contains extremely low levels of heavy metals, alkaline earths, fatty acids, and low molecular weight impurities. First choice for diagnostic systems. Best suited as well for in vitro transport and binding studies, in perfusion media for analysis of hormone effects, as hapten carrier for antibody production, stabilisator for enzymes, peptides and antibodies and standard for protein quantification and molecular weight determination.

Purity (CAF)
pH (7 % in H2O)
Moisture (KF)
Total lipids (mg/g)
Fatty acids (mg/g)
Iron (µg/g, AA)
Heavy metals (µg/g, AA)
Calcium (mg/g, AA)

min. 98.0 %
6.8 - 7.2
max. 5.0 %
max. 3.5
max. 1
max. 5
max. 20
max. 0.5
not detectable

EINECS: 232-936-2WGK: 1HS: 35029020
Storage Temperature: +2 °C to +8 °C

25 g
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100 g
500 g
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SERVA Market Square: March - June 2020

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Product of the Month June:
DNADecon, GermDecon & Detergent 7X®

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