2DHPE™ Mercator Gel 12.5 % Kit

2D HPE™ Mercator Gels allow a much more precise XY-coordinates determination of protein spots in 2D gels.
2D gel analysis is mostly done by triangulation of the XY-coordinates of the protein spots of a 2D gel picture with an appropriate software. For comparison of the spot pattern of different gels, gels have to be normalized and the pictures are laid on top of each other. A major obstacle in comparison to 2D protein gels are the technical gel-to-gel variations because of differences in sample preparation, gel casting and conduct of electrophoresis.
Simone König and her research group (IZKF, Münster, Germany) developed a method for generation of a reference grid, which improves the deviation of the correction of protein coordinates by an order of magnitude: comparative 2D fluorescence gel electrophoresis (CoFGE). The reference grid is formed by fluorescence-labelled marker proteins, which are applied to the gel in equal distances. After co-electrophoresis of protein marker and with a different fluorescence dye labelled protein sample, the XY-coordinates are much more precisely determined with the aid of the multiple triangulation points formed by the reference grid compared to standard methods.
In cooperation with the research group of Simone König, SERVA developed the 2D HPE™ Mercator Gels for CoFGE on horizontal electrophoresis systems HPE™ BlueTower and HPE™ BlueHorizon™.
For easy loading of the fluorescence-labelled protein marker, the gels have in addition to the IPG slot 14 sample slots. The slots are on the cathode side in a distance of 3 mm to the IPG slot; the distance to each other is 18 mm. The kit contains 4 plastic-backed gels, including running and equilibration buffers, FS wicks and cooling contact fluid.

  1. Ackermann, D. et al. (2012) Electrophoresis 33, 1406-1410
  2. Hanneken, M. and König, S. (2014) Electrophoresis 35, 1118-1121

HS: 38220000
Storage Temperature: +2 °C to +8 °C

1 kit
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