SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-Ysolution, 100x

(Fluorescence staining)

SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-Y is a fast and sensitive fluorescent protein stain for 1D or 2D SDS PAGE. The 100x stock solution is simply diluted with water to its working concentration. After binding of the dye to proteins, it emits a strong fluorescence of bright golden colour. The maximum emission wave length of protein-bound dye is near 570 nm. Gels stained with SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-Y may be directly visualized with a variety of different UV-based fluorescence imaging systems.
Gels are fixed with ethanol/acetic acid solution and then directly stained with SERVA ProteinStain Fluo-Y. The whole staining procedure is completed in as little as 30 min. A destaining step is usually not necessary. But for reduction of background, simply wash gels in water for 1 – 5 min.
The bound dye is easily removed from the protein by washing the gel with sufficient water. Thus the staining is compatible with subsequent mass spectrometric analysis. Stained gels may be stored in stain solution in the dark at 2 – 8 °C.

  • Highly sensitive fluorescent protein stain over a wide dynamic range
  • Two-step protocol, no destain
  • Directly detected by UV imaging systems
  • MS compatible

HS: 38220000
Storage Temperature: +2 °C to +8 °C

10 ml
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