CoolBox™ System

Ice-free cooling and freezing for sample tubes and plates!

Make CoolBox™ your ice-free ice bucket. Keep samples cold for hours without ice, and without trips to the ice machine.

CoolBox™ ice-free cooling and freezing systems provide hours of benchtop cooling or freezing through the use of reusable cartridges. The thermo-conductive housing of the cartridge and the alloy of the CoolRack® tube/plate module efficiently transfer heat from the samples and evenly distribute the cooling/freezing temperature to all tube or plate wells.

Uniform well-to-well temperature (no "edge effect") sets CoolBox™ apart from other ice-free coolers. All wells remain within +/-1.0℃ of each other, regardless of the flatness of the plate's bottom surface, removing temperature variability from the sample set and providing a highly reproducible method of keeping samples cold without ice on the bench, in the biosafety cabinet, or during short transport.

CoolBox™ 30 System (left): accommodates all 30-well CoolRack® thermo-conductive tube modules for ice-free tube cooling CoolBox™ MP System (right): accommodates all CoolRack® and CoolSink® plate modules for ice-free plate cooling.

· Constructed out of highly durable cross-linked dense polyethylene foam

· Cooling and freezing cartridges are compact and can be frozen and stored in a -20℃ freezer

· To extend cooling or freezing, replace spent cartridge in the CoolBox with a frozen one from the freezer

· Clean with aqueous detergents, alcohol, bleach or acid/base viricides

· Excellent resistance to fluid absorption, surface abrasion, and rust

· For labeling, use BioCision CryoLabels #BCS-168. Repeated application and removal of labels will not affect surface.

· Made in USA

Use also with dry ice or liquid nitrogen for snap-freezing in a compact benchtop workstation. Temperature and duration (using ice-free cartridges as cooling source):

· +0.5℃ to 4℃: Use blue cooling cartridge to keep samples cold for up to six hours with lid off, up to 10 hours with lid on

· -18℃ to -10℃: Use green freezing cartridge to keep samples frozen for up to four hours with lid off, up to 6 hours with lid on (CoolBox 30 only)

Temperature and duration (using dry ice or liquid nitrogen as cooling source):

· -30℃ to -25℃: Place dry ice in the bottom of CoolBox instead of using a reusable cartridge. Cover the dry ice with insulator pad. Then rest CoolRack tube module on the insulator pad for up to five hours of freezing. (CoolBox 30 only)

· -78℃: Place dry ice in the bottom of CoolBox instead of the reusable cartridge. Rest CoolRack or CoolSink module directly onto the dry ice for up to six hours of cryogenic temperature.

· -150℃: Place a small CoolRack (6 or 15 tube wells) on the bottom of the CoolBox and surround with liquid nitrogen. Maintain LN2 midway up the side of the CoolRack for hours of ultralow freezing temperature.

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  • • SERVA TAE Clear G Agarose tablets for practical nucleic acid electrophoresis
  • • Novel enzymes such as recombinant PNGases F as lyophilized powder
  • • High-performance protein A/G magnetic agarose beads
  • • New buffers for molecular and cell biology
  • • SERVA BluePower® power supplies running from 300 Volt to 6000 Volt and from 150 mA to 2 A for gel electrophoresis and blotting
  • • Electrophoresis gel and blot automation: SERVA BlueStain is an innovative device for the treatment of automated gel and blot staining
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Western Blotting -
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  • • Molecular Weight Standards
  • • SDS PAGE for Western Blotting
  • • Transfer Membranes and Buffers
  • • Blocking Reagents
  • • Detection Systems
  • • Instruments for Western Blotting
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