Protein Quantification

Accurate determination of protein concentration is essential in the protein analysis workflow. Although there are a wide variety of protein assays available, none of the assays can be used without first considering their suitability for the application. Each assay has its own advantages and limitations and often it is necessary to obtain more than one type of protein assay for research applications.

Bradford Reagent and SingleQuant/ProtaQuant Assay Kits are based on protein-dye binding subsequent direct detection of the color change associated with the bound dye.
Due to its high sensitivity, easy and rapid process Bradford Reagent is especially suitable for the fast estimation of protein concentration. However, detergents in the sample will interfere with the assay.
SingleQuant/ProtaQuant Assay Kits do not only have a broad linear measurement range but are as well not disturbed by the presence of detergents like SDS, CHAPS or reducing agents like DTT.

BCA Protein Assay Macro/Micro Kits and the Lowry Kit are based on the reduction of copper by proteins followed by a chelation building a coloured complex.
BCA Protein Assay Macro/Micro Kits have the advantage that they show less binding variation between different proteins than Bradford assay and are compatible with many detergents.
Despite the development of new protein quantification kits the Lowry Assay remains a sensitive, accurate and useful method for many applications, especially for determination of protein concentration after TCA precipitation due to the removal of interfering substances.

Kits based on the binding of fluorescent dyes to proteins and the subsequent detection of the emitted fluorescence enable a significantly higher sensitivity and more precise determination of protein concentration.
SERVA Purple Protein Quantification Assay uses the eco-friendly fluorescent dye SERVA Purple. The assay is not only characterized by a very high sensitivity, but also by an accurate staining of hydrophobic, glyco-, phosphoproteins and peptides.

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SERVA Catalog

In detail you will find the following new products in catalog 2021:

  • • New enzymes like dsDNase for highly specific degradation of doubled-stranded DNA
  • • Zymolyase® to produce yeast protoplast or spheroplast
  • • Tergitol™ as an alternative to Triton X-100
  • • Easy Peel 2D HPE™ gels for blotting of horizontal 2D gels
  • • New protein standards, e.g. SERVA Unstained Protein Standard 6.5 - 97 kDa
  • • BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Blot Modul for SERVA’s BV-104 electrophoresis tank
  • • IPG tray with electrode lid for 1st dimension protein separation on 7 cm to 24 cm IPG strips
  • • Special Pharma Edition of SERVA BlueStain automated gel staining device


SERVA Catalog 2021 (pdf)
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Western Blotting -
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  • • Molecular Weight Standards
  • • SDS PAGE for Western Blotting
  • • Transfer Membranes and Buffers
  • • Blocking Reagents
  • • Detection Systems
  • • Instruments for Western Blotting
SERVA Brochures: Western Blotting V2110 (pdf)
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