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Salt Active Nuclease

Salt Active Nuclease  – Your Choice for High Salt Conditions as Alternative to Benzonase®
For Nucleic Acid-Free Protein Samples and Cell Lysates

Salt Active Nuclease is a heat-labile, non-specific endonuclease that effectively degrades nucleic acids under high salt conditions (≤ 1 MFig. below). It digests DNA versus RNA in a 10:1 ratio.
Salt Active Nuclease will remove contaminating nucleic acids in a traditional protein buffer system. This guarantees the full protection of proteins while the nucleic acids are fully removed.



  • Active at pH 7.5 –9.5 (optimum: 9.0) and 10 °C to50 °C (optimum: 35 °C)

  • Tolerates:
    ▪ NaCl (0,.5 –1 M; Optimum: 500 mM)
    ▪ Imidazol (≤ 350 mM)
    ▪ Glycerol (≤ 35 %)
    ▪ Tween 80 (≤ 5 %)
    ▪ IGEPAL CA-630 (≤ 0.1 %)
    ▪ Triton X-100 (≤ 0,1 %)

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Salt Active Nuklease
5 000 U
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    91,20 €
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Also available as Salt Active Nuclease
High Quality Bioprocessing Grade

  • For efficient removal of nucleic acids during biomanu­facturing of proteins, viral vaccines and gene therapy viruses

  • Simplifies workflow and reduces costs

  • Quality dossier and TSE/BSE, Allergen, Aflatoxin and GMO certificates available
  • SAN HQ ELISA for demonstrating removal of SAN HQ

For further ordering information and quotation, please contact us by phone (+49 6221-138 40 0) or by e-mail (


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Product of the Month October
Salt Active Nuclease

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SERVA Market Square: October-December 2020

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Product of the Month October
Salt Active Nuclease

For Nucleic Acid-Free Protein Samples and Cell Lysates

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