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Cellulase & Macerozyme

Cellulase & Macerozyme —
Your First Choice for Preparation of Plant Protoplasts

The combination of SERVA Cellulase “Onozuka“R-10 and Macerozyme R-10 ensures gentle preparation of protoplasts for subsequent transfections and other cell manipulations.


Cellulase «Onozuka» (Cat. No. 16419)

  • Multi-component enzyme system with high cellulase activity(ca. 1 U/mg)
  • Additional enzyme activities: α-amylase, hemicellulase, pektinase and protease

Macerozym R-10 (Cat. No. 28302)

  • High pectinase (ca. 0.5 U/mg) and hemicellulase (ca. 0.25 U/mg) activity
  • Suitable for use with Cellulase “Onozuka“ R-10 (cat. no. 16419) or Cellulase “Onozuka“ RS (cat. no. 16420).


 Cat. No.
Special Price*
Cellulase «Onozuka» R-10
 2,5 g
  10 g
 50 g
      83.00 €
    273.00 €
1.324.00 €
     66.40 €
   218.40 €
1,059.20 €
Macerozyme R-10
2,5 g
 10 g
      85.00 €
    291.00 €
     68.00 €
   232.80 €
*The special price is valid until March 31st,  2021  
Please Note:
The "Product of the Month" promotion is for all SERVA customers within the EU and cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions etc.


For metabolically competent protoplasts

Method for isolating large numbers of metabolically competent protoplasts from leaves of monocotyledons (grasses), dicotyledons (such as spinach and sunflower) or from hypocotyl tissue (e.g. Brassica napus).

→ Click here for the protocol.

For regeneration competent protoplasts

Method for the isolation of Brassica napus protoplasts from mesophyll material derived from one single individual plant (greenhouse grown plants or in vitro cultured shoots) or from young in vitro grown hypocotyls when different individuals are acceptable.

→ Click here for the protocol


Further products for protoplast preparation

•  MES (Morpholinoethane sulfonic acid) (Cat. no. 29834)

•  Sodium bicarbonate (Cat. no. 30180)

•  Sucrose (Cat. no. 35579)

• Tricine (N-Tris(hydroxymethyl)methylglycine) (Cat. no. 37195)


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  • • New enzymes like dsDNase for highly specific degradation of doubled-stranded DNA
  • • Zymolyase® to produce yeast protoplast or spheroplast
  • • Tergitol™ as an alternative to Triton X-100
  • • Easy Peel 2D HPE™ gels for blotting of horizontal 2D gels
  • • New protein standards, e.g. SERVA Unstained Protein Standard 6.5 - 97 kDa
  • • BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Blot Modul for SERVA’s BV-104 electrophoresis tank
  • • IPG tray with electrode lid for 1st dimension protein separation on 7 cm to 24 cm IPG strips
  • • Special Pharma Edition of SERVA BlueStain automated gel staining device


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