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Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose Resin

One-Step Purification of polyHis-Tagged Proteins with Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose Resin

Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose Resin has a poly chelator ligand covalently coupled to a highly crosslinked agarose resin and is loaded with nickel ions.

The resin works in presence of EDTA, DTT and other chemicals, which results in stripping of the metal ions with standard Ni-NTA or Ni-IDA resins.

Its specificity and stability allow a one-step purification without the need of pre-treatment of samples for removal of nickel stripping agents, e.g. EDTA, DTT or urea.




  • High chemical stability of the Nickel loading

  • Tolerates:

    · pH range 4 - 9
    · 100 % ethanol
    · 100 % methanol
    · 8 M urea
    · 6 M guanidine•HCl
    · 30 % acetonitrile
    · 20 mM dithiothreitol (DTT)
    · 20 mM EDTA


    • Binding capacity: 
      > 80 mg His-Tagged protein/ml gel
    • Concentration:
      50 % (v/v) Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose suspension in 20 % ethanol
    • Size of the spherical beads:
      50 - 150 µm
    • Suitable for protein purification either in batch (without column), gravity or FPLC chromatography


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Product of the Month September
Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose Resin

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September - December 2019

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Product of the Month September
Ni-Extrachel™ Agarose Resin

A chemically resistant resin for purification of recombinant polyHis-tagged proteins.

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