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Protein Quantification Assay Kits

SERVA Kits for fast and reliable protein quantification

Why different quantification methods?

Although there is a wide variety of protein assays available, none of the assays can be used without first considering their suitability for special applications. Each assay has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, it is often necessary to obtain more than one type of protein assay for research applications.



SERVA BCA Protein Assay

  • Compatible with many detergents
  • Less binding variation between different proteins
Macro Assay Kit
Suitable for 25 – 1000 µg protein/ml
Micro Assay Kit
Suitable for  0,5 – 20 µg protein/ml

Lowry Assay Kit 

  • Contains ready-to-use reagents and protein standard
  • Detection limit: 50 µg protein/ml


SERVA Purple Protein Quantification Assay

Reversible binding to lysine, arginine, and histidine residues in proteins and peptides which yields an in-tensely red-fluorescent products (ʎEx 518 nm, ʎEm 610 nm)

  • Detection limits: 100 ng peptide/ml, 40 ng protein/ml
  • Linear quantification over 3 orders of magnitude
  • Compatible with many detergents & reducing agents
  • Fast and simple - no heating and reduction steps, completed in 1 h


 Cat. No.
Special Price*
SERVA BCA Protein Mico Assay Kit
 450 Assays
 250.00 €
200.00 €
SERVA BCA Protein Mico Assay Kit
250 Assays
500 Assays
 124.00 €
 220.00 €
   99.20 €
176.00 €
Proteus X-Spinner 2.5, 20 kDa MWCO
250 Assays
   79.00 €
  63.20 €
SERVA Purple Protein Quantification Assay
10 ml
 256.00 €
204.80 €
*The special prices are valid until February 29 th, 2020
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Please find further product for sample preparation here, e.g.

  • Mammalian Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit
    Cat. no. 39243

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Protein Extraktionskit

SERVA@YouTube - Sample Preparation

Problems with 2D electrophoresis?

Here you will find helpful advices:

SERVA Webinar:
Sample Preparation for 2D Electrophoresis




Product of the Month February:
Protein Quantification Assay Kits

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Product of the Month February:
Protein Quantification Assay Kits

Fast and Reliable Protein Quantification

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