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Xpress Blotting Kits

Xpress Blotting Kits for semi-dry blotting of proteins within 15 minutes.

  • Blotting buffer for fast and efficient transfer
    of high- and low-molecular weight proteins
  • Blotting fleece instead of several layers of blotting paper as buffer reservoir
  • Ready-to-use:  No handling of buffer components or cutting of blotting papers and membranes
  • Compatible with nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes
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Kit Components:

For 10 blots, size 80 x 85 mm:

  • 250 ml 10x SERVA Xpress Blotting Buffer
  • 20 pcs. Blotting Fleece
  • 10 pcs. Connection Paper

  • Xpress NC Blotting Kit:
    additional 10 sheets of supported
    nitrocellulose membrane NC2,
    pore size 0.2 µm

  • Xpress PVDF Blotting Kit:
    additional 10 sheets of PVDF membrane,
    pore size 0.2 µm
Did you know?

For fast and efficient protein transfer the BlueBlot semi-dry blotter is the unit of choice due to its homogeneous electrical field.

Subsequent chemiluminescence detection can easily be performed with the GeneGnome system.

The detection system is completed by different substrates, e.g. SERVALight Vega CL HRP WB Substrate Kit (cat. no. 42588).

To find further products for western blotting, e.g. protein free blocking reagents, chromogenic substrates etc. please click here.

 Ordering Information:
 Cat. No.
Special Price*
 Xpress Blotting Kit
 1 Kit
   57.00 €
  45,60 €
 Xpress NC Blotting Kit
 1 Kit
131.00 €
104,80 €
 Xpress PVDV Blotting Kit
 1 Kit
179.00 €
143,20 €

*The special prices are valid until December 31st, 2017

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Product of the Month December:
Xpress Blotting Kits

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Product of the Month December:
Xpress Blotting Kits

Only 15 Minutes for Semi-Dry Western Blotting.

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Autumn Campaign 2017 -
Great Saving!
  • PRiME™-Packages for Minigel SDS PAGE
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